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Through podcasts and artwork we look to explore and understand an individual’s MYSWIM. MYSWIM is here to bring together the wide and varied aquatic family to share their stories, give ideas and knowledge. What is their specific association with an aquatic adventure and why it is important to them? What led to it being so special? What was the experience like? How did it help their mental health? We want to share the joy, excitement or fears of an individual’s MYSWIM.

Please check out our exclusive MYSWIM sustainably sourced artwork and designs inspired by iconic aquatic adventures. Why not check them out to see if your own MYSWIM is there - purchases help us keep the podcast knowledge sharing going. We hope you like them and if you see someone wearing,   or with, one of the MYSWIM items why not start the conversation about what their individual MYSWIM is. Let us know and let’s build the community.

about the swimmer, artist, podcaster

Michael (Mickey) Helps started playing waterpolo aged 11 with one of the UK’s most successful teams, going on to win national titles as a player and coach. Following a period of triathlons, Ironman and marathons, including the 150 mile foot race across the Sahara desert, known as the toughest foot race on the planet, he returned swimming. This time it was open water swimming, completing  the first of his English channel swims as an early season swim in 2007.

This led to multiple channel, lakes, rivers and city swimming experiences around the world including Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East and North America, attaining the open water triple crown. Mickey says he feels fortunate to have played waterpolo with, swum alongside and met some of the best and most inspirational people, from different aspects of the aquatic world, with amazing stories and passion for a certain swim.

Through his MYSWIM podcast and his love of art, Michael talks to aquatic adventurers about their individual ”MYSWIM” stories of their specific swim or water experience and interprets these into bright, fun art to reflect the unique adventure. He hopes you will be inspired to experience their swim or for you to find your own individual MYSWIM.

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We want to positively celebrate and promote all aspects of aquatics and particularly the mental health benefits that aquatics brings and would love you to be part of it.

This is a community looking to support each other with knowledge and positive shared experiences and we’d love to hear from you with suggestions of swims you’d like to hear about or people you think will inspire others to find their own MYSWIM.

Join the community, share your story, give us your feedback - tell us all about your individual “MYSWIM” or aquatic adventures you want to hear about.

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